Collagen for Athletes: Top 5 Collagen Benefits for Athletes

As a wholesaler, manufacturer or retailer of commercial collagen, you know that many people buy collagen for their skin health. But did you know there also are collagen benefits for athletes? Whether they take collagen pre-workout or post-workout, athletes are a great target audience for collagen sales. Read on to learn more about collagen for athletes and find the answers to questions like, “Does collagen help with muscle recovery or growth?”

collagen for athletes

1. Ideal Metabolic Processes

Numerous studies have pointed to collagen benefits for athletes. Whether you want collagen for runners or other sports enthusiasts, the advantages of using collagen after a workout or before are clear.

Since collagen plays a role in maintaining ideal metabolic processes, it may affect healthy weight management. Also, because collagen provides the structure for arteries, there’s some thought that it can help promote healthy arteries.

2. Less Joint Pain

Research theories indicate that collagen supplements may accumulate in cartilage, stimulating further collagen production and leading to less joint pain and reduced inflammation. Other research shows that athletes who consumed collagen supplements reported less pain during physical activity and rest. Another study supports these findings, with participants who took collagen saying they had an easier time exercising and experienced less joint pain.

3. More Muscle Mass

Research indicates that collagen contributes to the development of muscle mass.

Does Collagen Help With Muscle Growth?

One study shows that collagen powder can support the synthesis of creatine, which can encourage post-workout muscle growth. Athletes rely on collagen for muscle growth because supplements containing Types I and III collagen support glycine production, which can help build lean muscle.

Does Collagen Help With Muscle Recovery?

Yes, according to another study, collagen may help with muscle recovery. In all, collagen protein accounts for up to 10% of muscle tissue.

4. Better Injury Prevention

As people age and their natural collagen production decreases, their ligaments and tendons become stiffer, increasing the risk of sports injuries. But one study suggests that increasing collagen levels in connective tissue helps prevent injuries in athletes. Other research indicates that collagen can help prevent scar tissue formation, which may help in injury recovery.

5. Improved Athletic Performance

Collagen increases athletic performance because it supports the production of creatine, which is needed for muscle contractions during physical activity. Some research shows that certain amino acids in collagen improve strength by encouraging growth hormone release.

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