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We specialize in high-quality, clean wholesale gelatin products formulated to your specifications.

what is gelatin?

Gelatin is a protein that is a hydrocolloid, obtained by the partial hydrolysis of collagen derived from the skin, white connective tissues and bones of animals. Gelatin does not occur free in nature.

Brittle texture when dry

Only dissolves in hot water

Causes liquids to gel

Used as a thickener in food recipes

Long chains of amino acids

uses for gelatin

There are a wide variety of industrial and consumer applications for gelatin and collagen, ranging from food products to medication capsules to adhesives. As a leading wholesale gelatin supplier, we provide clean, additive-free products, including edible gelatin, for a complete array of uses.

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Gelatin Improves Skin Elasticity and May Help Repair Joint Cartilage Over Time

You can rely on our commercial gelatin for the health benefits most important to your customers. Our manufacturing processes ensure the highest quality wholesale gelatin production.

Why Our Wholesale Gelatin Is the Best


Clean products free
from additives


Specific bloom
strengths available


Natural products
not derived from GMOs


In-house lab testing
ensures top quality

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Our commercial gelatin products are known for being high quality, affordable and customizable for any use. We scour the globe for the finest raw ingredients available and formulate them precisely according to our customers’ needs.

Custom Processing for Commercial Gelatin

Our status as a leading commercial gelatin manufacturer ensures you receive the highest quality product, created to your specifications. You can trust Custom Collagen over other bulk gelatin suppliers because of our dedication and exacting standards. Our wholesale gelatin production and manufacturing processes are second to none. When you buy gelatin in bulk from Custom Collagen, you know you’re getting the highest quality commercial gelatin at an affordable price. Select an option below to learn more about the benefits of ordering wholesale gelatin from Custom Collagen.

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