Also known as “hydrolyzed gelatin,” collagen is a beef protein that has been hydrolyzed or broken down into its component amino acids.

With high-quality active ingredients, collagen is an ideal additive for skincare companies looking to create truly exceptional products.

Uses of Hydrolyzed Gelatin in Cosmetics

From face cream to shampoo, the uses for collagen in the health and beauty industry are endless. Hydrolyzed gelatin for cosmetics is commonly found in the following types of products:

Benefits of Using Hydrolyzed Gelatin in Cosmetics

Collagen is dermatologically well-tolerated across the board and provides many advantages when used in beauty products. It’s also made with natural products that aren’t derived from GMOs and are free of other additives. There are a great deal of uses for collagen in both hair and skin products, each offering substantial benefits.

Skincare Advantages

Free of harmful substances, hydrolyzed gelatin in cosmetics acts as an effective moisturizer in creams and lotions and won’t irritate sensitive skin types. It can also improve skin’s overall texture and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Using hydrolyzed gelatin for skincare helps add new collagen to the skin and promotes the growth of the collagen that already exists.

Haircare Advantages

Hydrolyzed gelatin in cosmetics adheres well to damaged hair follicles and provides nourishment for each individual hair shaft from within. Collagen contains the amino acid Proline, which is the main component of Keratin. This ingredient is key to helping you grow more hair.