In the dairy manufacturing industry, gelatin gives food and beverages the look, flavor and texture consumers love. This natural protein has the ability to meet all the quality control requirements necessary for a variety of dairy products. As a result, milk and commercial gelatin often go hand in hand during the production process.

Uses of Gelatin in Dairy Manufacturing

How frequently is gelatin used in dairy manufacturing? More often than you might think! It’s most commonly used in the following dairy products:


Gelatin helps create the foamy texture found in mousse and provides stabilizing and water-binding properties.

Quark Cheese

Dairy manufacturers use gelatin to enhance the overall texture and improve stability of quark cheese.

Whipped Cream

What keeps the perfect scoop of whipped cream from falling apart? Gelatin! Its water-binding effect helps keep the tasty treat intact.

Creamy Yogurt

Gelatin in yogurt creates a smooth, firm, consistent texture that binds the product together and gives it a more appetizing appearance.

Ice Cream

The use of gelatin in ice cream can prevent the formation of ice crystals during prolonged storage in the freezer. When combined with other stabilizing agents, gelatin can even help give ice cream a slow melting rate.

Benefits of Gelatin in Yogurt and Other Dairy Products

Putting gelatin in yogurt or another form of dairy can provide a great deal of advantages for dairy manufacturers. When ordered in bulk, and included throughout the production process, our commercial gelatin provides dairy products with the following perks: