Gelatin Mesh Size & Why it Matters

By Custom Collagen on January 8, 2020

Gelatin is used across industries for an incredible variety of applications, from animal supplements to photography. For each of these applications, a different mesh size is required. Knowing the gelatin mesh size that most closely matches the needs of your project is crucial to achieving the results you’re looking for.

What Does Gelatin Mesh Size Mean?

Gelatin mesh refers to the particle size of the gelatin, ranging from roughly 8 mesh to 200 mesh, with 8 being the coarsest particle and 200 being extremely fine. Gelatin will always have a mesh size associated with it, making it quick and easy to identify which kind could potentially meet your requirements. Some of the most common gelatin mesh sizes and their uses include:

  • 8 mesh: a coarse, sea salt-like particle size used for soft gels, marshmallows and gummy treats
  • 18-20 mesh: slightly finer than sea salt particles, also used for soft gels
  • 40 mesh: the most common and popular mesh size, used in baking products and dessert dishes
  • Other typical gelatin mesh sizes include 70 mesh, which is used for encapsulation and in products like protein bars thanks to its quicker absorption, and 100-200 mesh, which is as fine as all-purpose flour and often utilized for beverage clarification in wines and beers.

Why is Gelatin Mesh Size Important?

Different gelatin mesh sizes absorb into solutions at different rates. Coarser particles, like 8 mesh, are absorbed slowly, while extremely fine particles in the 100-200 mesh range will dissolve almost immediately. In order to achieve the appropriate physical properties and lifespan for your product, you have to choose the correct mesh size.

Get Custom Gelatin Mesh Sizes at Custom Collagen

Not all gelatin mesh sizes are readily available for purchase online, even on sites like Amazon, so it can be challenging to find the exact mesh you need to achieve the quality you’re looking for in your product.

In order to get the perfect mesh for your needs, take advantage of Custom Collagen’s custom gelatin processing services. By working closely with your team, we can determine the gelatin mesh size that will meet your specific dissolution needs. For example, if you are developing a new soft gel product, we could create a gelatin between 8 and 20 mesh to give you a unique and effective product. Our unmatched processing and in-house lab allow us to achieve the highest quality gelatin mesh to fulfill any of your requirements. Contact uscustom gelatin processing> today to get started.

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