Before there were digital cameras, people documented history and captured family milestones with cameras that used film.

In the 1800s, photographers discovered that gelatin could bond the silver halide crystals and celluloid film used to produce images. This process eliminated the need for on-site dark rooms and revolutionized photography.

Times may have changed, but this same process is still in use today for high-quality gelatin silver print photography.

Custom Collagen manufactures the custom silver gelatin products necessary to create photographers’ formulary gelatin.

Focus on Gelatin Photography

Gelatin is extracted from the bones and hides of animals, most often pigs and cows. Film gelatin is primarily derived from crushed beef bone because of the intrinsic photographic qualities of this raw material.

The gelatin silver print process produces an image using four layers — paper, metal or another base material, baryta, gelatin binder and gelatin top coat. The binder layer is actually made of an emulsion of gelatin and light-sensitive silver compounds. Photographers utilize the gelatin emulsion to ensure that halides and sensitizers in the film are evenly spread, suspended and stabilized. These create the image when the negative is exposed and developed in a chemical bath.

Picture Perfect Results

Why are gelatin silver prints still so popular? The top-most layer of gelatin creates a smooth, even image surface that is beloved by photographers as well as those who appreciate its artistic quality. The images created are beautiful and glossy. Gelatin photography produces enduring images that exhibit a broader range of tones that can’t be captured digitally.

Photographers can use additional chemicals on gelatin silver prints to alter the range of tones, shift the image colors and make the print last longer.

Our pure and clean gelatins can be used throughout the photography process in emulsions, sizing paper, adhesives and light filters.

Silver Gelatin is a Snap at Custom Collagen

Finding the ideal ingredients for your gelatin silver print photography products doesn’t have to be difficult. Custom Collagen crafts top-grade silver gelatin that always produces the best results, giving your gelatin emulsion an exquisite quality. We’re always available to answer your questions, contact us today to find out more about silver print photography gelatin products.