As part of our mission to always provide the highest quality collagen and gelatin products, Custom Collagen offers 100% grass-fed collagen for personal and commercial applications. Our beef collagen products are derived from pasture-raised cattle from Brazil and Colombia, where they are fed a proper grass diet and lead healthier lives than grain-fed cattle, which leads to a higher quality end product as well.

Buy Extraordinary Grass-Fed Collagen and Gelatin From Custom Collagen

Order Grass-Fed Collagen and Gelatin Products

If you’re looking for premium-quality gelatin or grass-fed collagen products, you’ve come to the right place. Custom Collagen is a leading supplier of high-grade commercial collagen and gelatin products that are perfect for a variety of uses. Made with additive-free, natural ingredients, our grass-fed collagen offers a plethora of healthy benefits, from balancing blood sugar to supporting bone repair. And, while we carry a standard collection of gelatin and collagen items, our customers can also request custom processing to receive a personalized product that meets their specifications, ranging from bloom strength to pH. To learn more about our commercial collagen products or to request a custom grass-fed collagen solution, contact us today. And remember to check out the Custom Collagen retail site for grass-fed collagen products in smaller quantities!

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