Gelatin is made up of 18 different amino acids joined together in a long molecular chain. This powerful protein is derived from collagen, which is found in skin, bones, tendons and other fibrous tissues.

Gelatin can be very beneficial for people, but did you know it can provide a lot of health advantages for horses, too?

In order to understand what bakers gelatin is, we first need to evaluate gelatin itself. Gelatin is a soluble protein made up of chains of amino acids. It’s obtained from collagen found in the bones, skin and connective tissues of animals.

Over the years, studies have discovered several crucial benefits of gelatin for horses, similar to those found for humans.

That research has shown how gelatin can positively affect horse skin, hooves and joint health. Explore these gelatin horse care applications below to learn more.

Gelatin Horse Hooves Benefits

Horse hooves can take a beating, whether from rough terrain, long workouts or as a product of breeding. Many horses are left with dry, cracked hooves that can’t hold horseshoes. Dealing with this problem can be both expensive for the owners and painful for the horses.

That’s where gelatin horse hooves supplements come in.

One of the biggest benefits of gelatin for horse hooves is its strengthening capabilities, especially when combined with biotin.

Just as humans use these supplements for their hair and nails, biotin and gelatin for horses can help horse hooves and hair grow and strengthen over time.

At Custom Collagen, we offer Equine Support – Biotin and Gelatin Supplement for Horses.

EOur gelatin horse hooves supplement offers added protein to your horse’s diet. In addition to helping with the growth and development of the hoof, we’ve also added biotin to our supplement to help complement hoof, skin and coat nutrition, as well as digestive nutrition.

Gelatin and Joint Health Benefits

Beyond coat and hoof care, researchers have also found signs that point to joint health benefits of gelatin for horses.

Similar to humans, horses aren’t immune to Arthritis. Joint Care Gelatin Supplements for horses can significantly help with pain, stiffness and other symptoms in the joints. Older horses who are more likely to have Arthritis can greatly benefit from gelatin, as a result.

Along with reducing stiffness and alleviating joint pain, gelatin for horses can assist with wound and damaged cartilage repair. From carrying heavy loads to participating in sporting events, horses can experience a great deal of injuries. When this occurs, gelatin can be an impactful, effective solution.

Do you have more questions on how gelatin can help your horse’s hooves, joints, and relative health? Read up on our FAQ for a deeper dive into our products.

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