How Gelatin for Dogs is Changing Pet Food for the Better

Dog food with gelatin is a hot topic. Modern pet owners humanize their pets, which has resulted in demands on the pet food industry to keep up with current human dietary trends. People expect their pet food to mirror their own high-protein and low-carb diets. But this demand for increased levels of protein in pet food creates challenges when producing extruded kibble. This article will discuss the effects of adding gelatin to create protein-rich products and how it can help the overall physical properties of dry food.

Can Dogs Have Gelatin?

While you are contemplating adding gelatin to your extruded pet food product, you are probably wondering, “Is gelatin good for dogs?” Because gelatin is derived from animal by-products like skin, tendons, bones and cartilage, it’s a good source of pure protein and a healthy addition to their diets.

Health Benefits of Gelatin Pure Protein in Pet Food

Gelatin contains essential peptides, proteins and the amino acid glycine. When included in pet food, it adds these nutrients to the animal’s diet that are generally not present in traditional dog food.

Eases Arthritis Symptoms

Nobody likes to see their animals suffering from the effects of aging. But because many of the pain medications cost a lot and can have unwanted side effects, pet owners are seeking natural pain relief treatments for their pets. Dog food with gelatin added is a healthful solution that includes pure protein to help ease symptoms naturally. Using gelatin for joint pain is a common treatment for inflammation in humans, and the same benefits apply to dogs and other animals. Combining the traditional ingredients in dog food with gelatin for arthritis and hip dysplasia pain relief is a safe and effective way to reap the benefits of collagen.

Improves Skin and Bone Health

Bones, skin, fur and nails contain collagen. Increasing the gelatin protein content of dog kibble results in stronger bones, healthier skin and a shinier, more lustrous coat.

Aids Digestion

Dog food with gelatin soothes the digestive system, which helps improve the absorption of nutrients.

Why Enhance Dog Food with Gelatin?

Gelatin for pet food is not only beneficial for animals, but it also improves the product. When protein levels are increased and starch decreases, the pet food becomes less stable and tends to crumble. Low-bloom gelatin in food is a nutritional binding ingredient that can also improve the manufacturing process. Low-bloom gelatin is soft, so it helps pet food stay together when added to the ingredient mix. The gelatin protein content impacts the manufacturing process as follows:

  • Nutritional binder
  • Improved kibble durability
  • Increased kibble expansion
  • Reduced waste
  • Lowered cost

The collagen dosage for dogs varies with the size and weight of the animal and can be adjusted as needed when creating the dog food recipe.

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