How to Properly Store Ballistic Gel

By Custom Collagen on January 8, 2020

Whether you’re using it at a medical facility or a shooting range, properly storing ballistic gel is critical to its performance. Let’s go through a list of frequently asked questions about storing ballistic gel so that you can achieve maximum success.

How Long Does Ballistic Gelatin Powder Last?

When stored in a cool, dry place, gelatin powder will last indefinitely. Be sure to keep your powder in an airtight container to prevent contaminants and moisture from spoiling it.

How Long Does A Ballistic Gel Block Last?

If left alone in a refrigerator, a ballistic gel block will last 7-10 days. Outside of the refrigerator, a block can last a few hours if taken to a cool laboratory setting; if taken outdoors, such as at a shooting range, it must be used immediately. Either way, it is best to use a ballistic gel block within 30 minutes of removing it from the fridge.

Additional Tips

Never Freeze It

One common mistake people make when waiting for ballistic gel to set, or when storing a finished block, is that they keep it in a freezer rather than a refrigerator. This will render your setting (or “blooming”) gel useless. It will also negatively affect the performance of a block that has already set.

Keep It Sealed

When storing a ballistic gel block in a refrigerator, make absolutely certain that the container you’ve stored it in is airtight. Contaminants or other forms of moisture will adversely affect the keep time of your gel block.

Wipe, Don’t Rinse

Finally, you should avoid rinsing your gel block with water, even if it gets dirty before use. Ideally, only one shot would be taken per block. If necessary, you should clean off any dirt with baby wipes. Rinsing with water will add water to the composition of the ballistic gel and cause it to perform poorly.

Now that you know how to properly store and care for your ballistic gel blocks, you are well on your way to a successful shooting or testing experience. Learn more about our ballistic gel.