It is used primarily to mold processed meat and to gel liquid to form the mold for consistent packaging. From improving the quality of the meat to creating a better appearance, there are many uses of gelatin. Meat products often require this gelling agent for a variety of reasons and, as a result, manufacturers need premium gelatin for the meatpacking industry.

Gelatin in Meat Glue

After trimming meat and shaping the different cuts, meat manufacturers can use meat glue to bind scraps of meat. When used to create meat glue, gelatin helps bond the proteins together. Gelatin is an important ingredient in a form of meat glue known as Activa TG-GS. This substance helps prevent meats from going bad or deactivating and consists of gelatin, sodium chloride, trisodium phosphate, maltodextrin, transglutaminase and safflower oil.

Gelatin as a Meat Glue Substitute

Along with being a meat glue ingredient, gelatin also makes for a great meat glue substitute. In particular, powdered gelatin is used in a variety of recipes as a meat glue substitute thanks to its excellent binding properties. This variation is frequently found in recipes like pastrami rolls and bresaola, which often call for chefs to butterfly the meat.

Gelatin for Meat Processing

Gelatin is commonly used to process and preserve meat. It helps prevent meat from drying out and gives it an appetizing glaze. When added to canned meat, gelatin absorbs juices the meat releases as it’s processed under pressure. As a result, it’s often found in canned meats like tuna, chicken and more. Along with canned meat, gelatin is also used to process and stabilize the emulsified fat found in pâté.

Another popular meat entree that includes gelatin is aspic. This savory dish consists of gelatin made from a meat stock that surrounds and encases meat. Commercial aspic made with gelatin for the meatpacking industry typically contains a colorless gelatin so the meat inside is clearly visible. Using gelatin as an ingredient makes it easier to cut the meat without causing it to disintegrate.

Benefits of Gelatin in Meat

Using gelatin for meat processing and packing offers the following advantages:

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