9 Things to Consider When Choosing a Collagen Manufacturer

So you’ve decided to market your own brand of collagen. Now, you need to find the best collagen manufacturer for your application. Selecting the right collagen supplement manufacturing partner is crucial to your success.

But the collagen market (estimated at more than $4 billion worldwide in 2022) is huge, and competition is fierce. How do you know you’ve got a vendor you can trust?

This article will review the top nine considerations in choosing collagen manufacturers to help you find the best vendor.

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1. Product Selection

When you look for a supplier for your collagen powder, you need to find a manufacturer with a wide range of products that can meet your future requirements. The company’s ability to customize collagen to your specifications is a plus. You’ll be able to keep up with customer demand and new trends if you have a partner that offers a variety of products and sizes.

2. Quality

You want collagen manufacturers that can supply a clean, additive-free product. Today’s consumers prize GMO-free supplements that don’t contain antibiotics, allergens, heavy metals or other contaminants. Grass-fed and pasture-raised sources of collagen are ideal. Make sure your manufacturer can deliver.

3. Facility Certifications

Facility certifications are an easy way to check the trustworthiness of your collagen supplement manufacturing partner. SQF certification should be an essential requirement for any vendor. The manufacturer also must be registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

4. Product Certifications

The best collagen manufacturers can easily provide details about their products. Specific product origins, certifications and other documentation are the hallmarks of a desirable collagen supplier.

5. Product Availability

To keep an appropriate product inventory, you need a supplier that always has collagen ready to deliver. If out-of-stock situations are frequent, you’ll want to look elsewhere for your collagen powder.

6. Turnaround Times

The best collagen supplement manufacturing partners offer quick turnaround times and don’t leave you waiting months for your order.

7. Sales Support

Adequate sales support is critical to the success of your collagen business. Look for a supplier that will continue supporting you after the sale is made.

8. Minimum Orders

You shouldn’t have a lot of collagen sitting on the shelf for long periods. The best collagen manufacturers don’t have high minimum orders, ensuring regular turnover of your product. You want a vendor with the flexibility to meet your specific requirements.

9. Pricing

You need a decent margin on your products, and pricing is the key to your ability to turn a profit. Don’t be afraid to thoroughly discuss pricing with your collagen supplement manufacturing partner. They should be able to ease your concerns.

How Custom Collagen Can Help

As a leader among U.S. collagen manufacturers, Custom Collagen offers a wide range of GMO- and additive-free products. We produce our clean collagen at our SQF-certificated facility and can provide the origin of our products and other documentation.

We provide superior customer service before and after the sale, ensuring you get the product and information you need when you need them.

Trust Custom Collagen as Your Collagen Manufacturer

Custom Collagen is the collagen manufacturer of choice for companies worldwide. They know they can count on the quality of our collagen and our staff’s professionalism. Thanks to our wide array of collagen products, we stand out from other U.S. collagen manufacturers. Contact us today to see what Custom Collagen can do for you.

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