Ballistic gel is a specific gelatin formulation that simulates human body density for a variety of testing and training purposes. While testing weapons and assessing damage is a predominant way ballistic gel is used, medical universities and hospitals also use this special gelatin to calibrate ultrasounds and other imaging equipment. Custom Collagen is proud to offer the highest quality ballistic gel in bulk for businesses and organizations that have a large number of tests to run.

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At Custom Collagen, we specialize in high-quality collagens and gelatins. From ballistic gel to grass-fed collagen, our inventory consists of cutting-edge products that are made from natural ingredients and offer numerous benefits for business applications or personal health. Our gelatin and collagen products have undergone years of testing to ensure that each customer receives the most effective and pure product. Our ballistic gel is designed to provide highly accurate testing results. We also carry a fine selection of retail products, including collagen capsules, powders and gummies. Don’t waste time searching for a better ballistic gel. Contact us today and fulfill your testing needs by placing a standard or bulk ballistic gel order from Custom Collagen now.

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