Why Collagen Supplements for Dogs are Great Even for Puppies

By Custom Collagen on January 8, 2020

Collagen offers a number of benefits for the human body, but collagen supplements for dogs can be just as helpful to man’s best friend. That’s because, just like in humans, animal collagen can help keep a dog’s joints, digestive system, and fur feeling and looking great. Here are five reasons why including collagen in a dog’s diet can make a major difference in their health, no matter how young they are.

1. Keeps Joints Young

One of the hardest parts of aging for dogs is diminished mobility due to joint pain. While collagen isn’t a cure-all, introducing supplements to a dog’s diet can help regenerate joint health and ease common age-related conditions like arthritis. Adding collagen into a dog’s diet while they’re young will help keep their joints and soft tissues strong so they can play hard well into their senior years.

2. Prevents Injuries

Collagen plays a vital role in ensuring that dogs’ connective tissues stay flexible. In fact, it makes up 70-90% of their ligaments, muscles, and tendons! When collagen is depleted in a dog’s body, injuries like hip dysplasia and torn cruciate ligaments are more likely to occur. Collagen for dogs can help improve and maintain the integrity of their joint health even as they begin to age.

3. Treats the Tastebuds

Have you ever used bone broth in a dish before? If so, you had a collagen-rich meal! The gelatinous texture of cooled bone broth is caused by its enormous collagen content. Dogs think this jelly-like treat is delicious! There’s also collagen powder for dogs that can be sprinkled over their food daily. The powder is just as tasty and will promote a hearty appetite.

4. Helps Gastrointestinal Health

Speaking of appetites, collagen supplements for dogs are full of amino acids like glycine, which helps keep their digestive systems balanced and healthy. Collagen aids in breaking down nutrients like proteins and soothing any agitated areas within the gastrointestinal tract. Having a healthy stomach is important for dogs of any age!

5. Improves Skin & Fur

On top of the many internal health benefits of collagen for dogs, several external improvements can happen as well. For example, if a dog has itchy skin or split nails, collagen supplements will help keep their dermis properly moisturized and their nails strong. Their coat may become softer and shinier as well, which will keep old dogs looking young and young dogs feeling itch-free.

Buy Collagen Supplements for Dogs

Whether you’re a pet store owner or a veterinary clinic, having collagen supplements for dogs on hand can only be helpful, both to you and the families who inquire about them for their pets. Purchase wholesale collagen supplements for dogs at Custom Collagen today, or view our Custom Collagen Retail Site for supplements in smaller quantities.

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