Pet food and products are a booming industry. Because owners consider their pets to be part of the family and care deeply about what they are eating, pet food has gone through a transformation with owners seeking out the latest food trends for their furry friends. Gelatin in pet food not only adds higher protein and nutritional value, it also improves production and increases profitability.

What is Gelatin in Pet Food?

Gelatin is a nutritious protein derived from animal skin, connective tissues and bones. It is formed into a powder that can be easily added to food because it is tasteless and odorless. Bloom is the measure of the gel strength and stiffness of gelatin. High-bloom gelatins are stiffer and used in human food in many ways, including as a stabilizer or foaming agent. Low-bloom gelatin is very soft and can be used to clear the cloudiness in beverages — and it works great as a nutritional and cost-effective binder in gelatin pet food.

Why Use Gelatin in Pet Food?

Just as some pet owners are choosing high-protein, low-carb diets, they are seeking out pet food with the same attributes. They are demanding higher quality products that are grain-free or include more protein. But decreasing the starch levels makes the extruded food more likely to crumble. The higher protein in dry and semi-moist pet food recipes also causes lower rates of expansion during the production process. Using low-bloom gelatin in pet food addresses these problems in a tasty and economical way.

Low-bloom gelatin is processed quickly, so it is very soft. This makes it an ideal binding solution because, when mixed with other pet food ingredients, it helps kibble stay together. It adds additional protein to meals and treats for extra nutrition. And because it is processed faster, the cost is lower. Gelatin in the pet food production process improves stability, reduces waste and lowers costs, all while ensuring a premium product.

Advantages of Gelatin Pet Food

People tend to dislike food ingredients that do not serve a nutritional purpose. But gelatin is a nutritious binder that has proven health benefits for both humans and our pets. When used as a pet food additive in canine, horse, and other animal food products, pet food gelatin reduces the overall cost to produce the pet food while still maintaining the quality.

Benefits of Gelatin in Pet Food

Gelatin is also beneficial as a pet supplement. And because of the healthful qualities of gelatin, there are no legal restrictions on the use of gelatin in pet foods.