Is It Safe for Women To Take Collagen During Pregnancy?

There’s no question that pregnancy wreaks havoc on a woman’s body. While your bundle of joy may be a welcome addition, the sagging skin and stretch marks that follow your baby’s arrival are definitely not greeted with open arms. So, what is a mom to do? Collagen could be the answer. Collagen possesses several desirable qualities that may help moms-to-be retain much of their pre-pregnancy skin tone. Although taking collagen during pregnancy is generally considered safe, we always advise you to talk to your doctor to make sure collagen supplements are right for you. Read on to learn about the benefits of taking collagen while pregnant, and once you have the green light from your physician, we invite you to browse Custom Collagen for the products that best suit the needs of you (or your customers).

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What Are Collagen Supplements?

You may already be taking collagen supplements, or perhaps you’ve only heard about them. In any case, here’s a quick fact list about collagen:

  • Collagen accounts for about one-third of your body’s protein composition, making it the most abundant protein in your body.
  • Bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments and skin all owe their structure to collagen.
  • Collagen can also be found in organs, blood vessels, corneas, teeth, nails and hair.
  • From the Greek word “koila,” meaning glue, collagen is known as the body’s adhesive.
  • Collagen peptide powder is also known as hydrolyzed collagen powder.

What Are The Effects of Pregnancy On A Woman’s Skin?

Skin is one of the parts of the body that really takes a hit during pregnancy. The skin on the hips, belly, breasts and thighs expands to meet the demands of impending motherhood, resulting in stretch marks. In addition, loose stomach skin is very common. In fact, it may never return to its original elasticity. And while some marketers may try to convince you otherwise, lotions and creams don’t prevent or treat loose skin or stretch marks.

What Are The Benefits of Taking Collagen While Pregnant?

The best way to support your skin elasticity during pregnancy – and beyond – is with a healthy lifestyle and nutritious diet, along with targeted supplements like collagen peptides. Here are some of the many ways taking collagen while pregnant supports women’s health:

  • Protein Booster: Your baby takes a lot of your nutrients, and you need extra protein during this prenatal period to keep up. Depending on your body weight, you may need as much as 100 grams of protein. Collagen powder is a terrific way to supplement your diet and help you reach your total protein requirement while you’re pregnant.
  • Healthy, Hydrated Skin: Some have purported collagen enabled a much faster recovery rate post-pregnancy than they experienced during previous births without using collagen – that collagen eliminated stretch marks and most of the issues with loose skin.
  • Digestive Relief: Comprised of amino acids (like the ones found in bone broth), collagen may help to heal the gut lining.
  • Stronger Joints & Ligaments: To help your body carry the baby weight, taking collagen while pregnant helps strengthen your joints and ligaments and can help relieve soreness. Even post-pregnancy, collagen helps with the sore back, neck and arms that come with carrying your baby (plus a carrier, diaper bag, etc.).
  • Facial Skin: Breakouts, extra pigmentation and skin texture changes are common during pregnancy. While many facial treatments should not be used during pregnancy, taking collagen during pregnancy is a safe option for those who want to manage facial skin health.
  • Healthy Hair: Pregnant women typically enjoy a rich, thick head of hair – post-pregnancy is another matter. Many women complain of hair loss months after the baby arrives. Collagen can stimulate growth and promote a strong, healthy head of hair.

Naturally, all women are not created equal and your results may vary. But there’s no harm in boosting your natural production of collagen with collagen supplements while pregnant. And you may be surprised by the many added benefits they provide!

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