The Remarkable Benefits Of Collagen

remarkable benefits of collagen

Wholesale collagen supplements have exploded in popularity in recent years, and for good reason. The additives have become nothing less than a worldwide phenomenon as more and more individuals discover the numerous, remarkable benefits they offer. But you can certainly be forgiven if you remain skeptical due to just how many of these health and wellness fads have come and gone. What reason should you have to believe that this one is the real deal?

The difference is that the power of collagen has been well-documented by several unbiased scientific studies that make it clear that virtually anyone can gain some benefit from these incredible supplements. Keep reading to find out more about the ways collagen supplements can be useful in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. 

Smooths And Protects Skin 

Though many people consider wrinkles to be a wholly cosmetic issue, the truth is that their presence can speak to a general deficiency of collagen within the body. Collagen, after all, is instrumental in the maintenance of healthy skin, which is why it’s so important that people make up for the decrease in their body’s natural production of it as they age. 

In addition to smoothing lines and fading wrinkles, one of the other benefits of collagen is boosting the elasticity and moisture retention of the skin – qualities essential to protecting the body from the harsh rays of the sun. While there’s no reason to be ashamed of the natural aging process, there’s also nothing wrong with taking steps to look younger – especially if those steps also help to boost the body’s first line of defense against wear and disease. 

Strengthens And Repairs Joints

Speaking of the natural aging process, the aforementioned decrease in collagen protection among the elderly has effects beyond the sagging and wrinkling of the skin. In fact, its most devastating effects can be found in the way joints grow weaker and less elastic with age. 

Collagen is a primary component of our joints and tendons, and as the natural production of it slows so too does the body’s ability to maintain those important connectors of muscle and bone. This phenomenon is one of the main culprits in the onset of arthritis, a debilitating disorder that can make even the simplest activities too painful to conduct. Luckily, bulk commercial-grade collagen not only halts damage to the joints in tendons but in some cases can also repair and strengthen them. The supplements, therefore, are an excellent choice for those suffering from mild pain all the way up to individuals crippled by debilitating joint-related disorders. 

Bolsters Bones

Joints, unfortunately, are not the only part of the body that breaks down with age. Many elderly individuals suffer daily from the pain and loss of strength associated with the deterioration of bone mass, a condition commonly known as osteoporosis. This crippling disease is thusly named because it describes an increasing porousness (or hollowness) of one’s bones which puts sufferers at a much higher risk of breaks and fractures. As with joints, the weakening of bones can also be slowed, stopped or even reversed through the use of wholesale collagen supplements. Ingesting these can assist in the creation of osteoblasts (cells tasked with the creation and maintenance of healthy bone).

What’s more, people shouldn’t wait until the onset of osteoporosis to start taking supplements. As with a well-reinforced house, decay can be slowed or prevented by strengthening bones during youth,  making them less susceptible to the numerous conditions that might seek to weaken them.

Slims Stomachs

Many are hesitant to start taking collagen because they fear that the powder has an unpleasant taste or texture common to many other supplements. The reality, however, is that bulk collagen is flavorless and easily dissolves into most liquids. Remarkably, the powder still possesses the ability to provide a feeling of fullness despite its undetectability, making collagen an excellent tool in the suppression of appetite and, consequently, in weight loss. 

Many individuals who have taken to adding collagen peptides to their morning coffee or smoothie have found that they no longer experience the mid-morning hunger derails so many diets.

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