The Truth Behind Organic Collagen

Collagen products are great, healthy substances with a plethora of benefits that are often marketed as being organic. However, due to the types of ingredients that make up their composition, some people have often wondered if organic collagen products exist and how to identify those that can be classified as such. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at collagen products, the reasoning behind why some collagen products aren’t actually organic and how Custom Collagen is doing things differently.

What Are Collagen Products?

When it comes to health and wellness, there are many products on the market that are designed to help individuals achieve their fitness goals or improve their physical or mental well-being. From protein shakes to multivitamins, people invest in their health by pairing these items with their regular workout routine or morning breakfast. Supplements and vitamins can help you to feel great throughout the day while maximizing your full potential. One such product that is more widely recognized in the health industry is collagen supplements — however, some products, such as collagen capsules, are not used in the same way as other supplements.

If you didn’t know already, collagen is a type of protein produced within our body to provide support for our vital organs, tissue and skin. It’s present in various areas of our anatomy, from our eyes and lungs to our bone cartilage. It also allows the body to create new cells which keep skin feeling thin and wrinkle-free. However, as we get older, we lose a fair amount of collagen, which leads more people to using collagen protein powder or supplements to boost their natural collagen levels, as well as keep themselves feeling healthy and looking young. These products are made up of collagen peptides (also known “hydrolyzed collagen”) and typically sourced from animals such as fish or cows.

Do Organic Collagen Products Exist?

Since collagen peptides can be derived from these hydrolyzed animal parts, such as cow hides or bones, users believe that they’re consuming purely organic collagen powder, but this is actually dependent on what the animals consume themselves. Let’s address what the term “organic” actually means: Food that is made organically is never grown with certain fertilizers, pesticides and genetically modified organisms (GMOs). In addition to this, animals cannot consume antibiotics or growth hormones. Unfortunately, many manufacturers do not know whether or not the animals they source their collagen peptides from do, in fact, consume something like a hormone. Plus, after production, they rarely test for these contaminants and just assume that they’re creating organic collagen pills or supplements.

At Custom Collagen, however, we offer our unique line of Clean Collagen® products that contain all-natural cattle hides, completely free of GMOs. Unlike other manufacturers, we offer specific product origins and certifications for each of our products and test them in-house for additional confirmation.

What About Natural Collagen Products?

Perhaps the biggest reason why 100% organic collagen supplements can’t exist is due to the inorganic processes involved with making collagen. For instance, most collagen manufacturers use old, produced gelatin and chemical processes involving peroxides, acids or bleach to create their collagen powders or supplements. At Custom Collagen, though, we use entirely separate processes designed to eliminate these chemicals. The process behind making Clean Collagen supplements, eliminates these chemicals and instead uses unrefined acids (like what you would find in a lemon or lime) to create pure, natural collagen products. Additionally, our collagen is meticulously tested after production by third-party labs to ensure that they’re not contaminated with any amount of impurities, such as hormones or GMOs.

Regardless of what type of collagen supplements you use, it’s always important that you double-check the nutritional label to know exactly what you’re putting in your body. But, if you want the purest form of natural collagen, be sure to check out our selection of Clean Collagen retail products, such as our Hydrolyzed Gelatin Fish Collagen Peptides. Or, if you’d like to order bulk collagen, we can further modify our collagen supplements to your exact needs, such as creating them with distinct certifications.

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